Forest Community Pharmacy

Here are a few things you need to know:

Is your pharmacy available to anyone?

Our Pharmacy is FREE to our patients you must see our physician in order to use our pharmacy.

Where do you get the medications from?

Our Pharmacy is on the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy ~ Pharmacies Participating in the Unused Prescription Drug Program, which means that we get our medications from Assisted Living Centers, Nursing Homes, and other free clinics.  If a patient in a Nursing Home changes meds they are not allowed to give the old med to anyone else so they get rid of it, and that is where we come in we accept it and give that med out to you.

How do we go about refilling scripts?

If you will call into the clinic and give us your Rx # which is on the pill bottle label from your last script we will try to have it filled when you come into the clinic on Tuesday night.  Remember to call in at the latest Monday morning so we can have everything ready for you Tuesday night.

Do I have to see the Doctor every single month?

No the first script will be good for 30 days, the Doctor will then look at the results to make sure the medication is working properly and if they are good then he can give you refills where you just call in and we fill them and your on your way.  We do however, due to space and supply only give out 30 day supply of medication at a time.


  August 2018  
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