Jeff Bruton

Jeff Bruton is originally from Rogersville, MO.  He came to Forest Baptist Church as youth pastor in December, 2002.  He then become pastor on June 6, 2004.  Jeff is married to Tanya and they have three daughters, McKenzie, Micah, and Madison and two sons, Alex and Austin.  Jeff is a certified Chaplain with the North American Mission Board and is involved with Disaster Relief.  He has gone as a chaplain to the Sparks America bike rally and to the Sturgis, SD bike rally.  Jeff has a heart for missions and urges everyone to change their part of the world for God.  Can one small church make a difference in the world?  Yes, one person at a time.  What will you do to change your world?
Jeff's favorite question is "If you died today where will you go?  For help with this click on the Eternity? tab.  God Bless you for stopping by.


  August 2018  
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